introducing Overselling Reseller Hosting

What is overselling Reseller Hosting :-

Let say you have a reseller account with 1GB Space and 2GB Transfer. With overselling enabled, you could create as many accounts of any size without any restrictions. The only limit is on the total actual resource usage by your clients. Provided all of your clients accounts do not collectively use more than 1GB space or 20GB of bandwidth, you can continue to add more accounts.

Pricing & Profit in overselling Reseller Hosting :-

Suppose You are on our ORH-1 Plan with the following reoccurs:
Price : 750 INR/Month | 50GB Storage

Suppose you are offering a plan with 1000MB Space to your clients for 60 INR/month and we assume that the each client’s usage is 300MB space

Number of accounts hosted with your allocated 2000MB Space with Overselling Enabled – 50000MB(50GB)/300MB = 160+ Accounts.

Total Cost: 750 INR / Month | Total Income: 160 X 60= 9,600 INR / Month


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